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Upholstery Cleaning

Professional cleaning for your stained upholstery in Koreatown.

Koreatown Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Service

Our Koreatown upholstery cleaning services can fully clean a lot of different fabrics – from common cotton to expensive silks. Give us a call, and we can get your upholstery cleaned if you are in or near Koreatown. We offer same-day scheduling, too, so we can help you out quickly.

Our cleaning service is more comprehensive than others in Koreatown or the Central Los Angeles area. Whatever your fabric upholstery is made of, we understand how to deal with those stains. We know what to do with sturdy and delicate fabrics, so try our services today!

What Happens To Upholstery When It’s Not Cleaned?

If you don’t get your Koreatown upholstery cleaning services regularly, you’d be surprised how quickly things can get worse. The truth is, there are all kinds of nasty things under the surface that you can’t even see.

These nasty things are going to inevitably build up over time. So it is important to make sure your upholstery is deep cleaned every once in a while. Several different varieties of microscopic materials are in your upholstery right now and causing problems that you can’t even see. Let’s go over each of them.

Food Materials

Have you ever eaten dinner on the couch, even just once? What about wiping a few food crumbs on your seat? Do you not wash your hands thoroughly before ever interacting with any part of your upholstery? If the answer to any of these is “no,” you have at least a few food particles inside your upholstery’s fibers.

These food particles are going to be swarming with dust mites, bacteria, and other small creatures that feed off of what you left behind. These particles are sustenance for all kinds of things that you don’t want in your Koreatown home.

Hard Materials

Your life is gonna be full of small, hard materials. Whether it is sand at the beach, broken bits of concrete from the sidewalks, or microscopic dirt and soil, you are going to be tracking tiny, gritty particles into your home and business. So what do these particles do once they get inside your upholstery?

Every time you use your upholstery, you are going to grind these particles further and further into it. As they grind against the fibers, they can cause all kinds of microscopic damage that will slowly build up over time, leaving your upholstery drab and fraying.

Oily Materials

Food comes from what you eat, and hard rocks come from where you go. Oil can come from both of these places, as well as being naturally developed by your skin. There is oil in your food, on your pavement, and all around your body.

This oil will slowly begin to discolor your upholstery if you don’t get it out in time. You might notice a yellow film begin to form, damaging your upholstery dyes and making everything in your home or business look old.

Angel Carpet Cleaning in Koreatown can help you out with any of these issues, so give us a call today!


What cleaning method should I use for my upholstery cleaning?

Your upholstery is best cleaned with steam cleaning. This is the only method that really gets the deep-set soils out. If you need deep upholstery cleaning in Koreatown, it is helpful to have a company like Angel in your corner.

Can I steam clean my sofa?

Steam cleaning your sofa is a great idea – as long as you don’t fill it with excess moisture and cause mold growth. Fortunately, our Koreatown upholstery cleaning technicians know how to do that without giving you a mold problem.

How long will I have to wait for my steam cleaned sofa to dry?

Around 2-3 hours is generally enough dry time, so make sure you don’t use your sofa during that time. Whoever is providing your upholstery cleaning service in Koreatown will be able to advise on the exact dry time.

How do I clean my sofa without a steam cleaner?

Dry cleaning powders and shampoos can get sofas clean. On top of that, our Koreatown upholstery cleaning technicians can use their steam cleaners to help you out.

Should I get my own steam cleaning machine?

These machines clean great, but they can be hard to use if you don’t know what you’re doing. You may over-soak whatever you’re trying to clean with it. For the best results, you want a trained upholstery cleaning service in Koreatown.

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