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Rug Cleaning

Expert cleaning done in Koreatown on all rug types.

Koreatown Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Service

If you’ve spilled something on your expensive rug, don’t panic – we can clean it up in a flash. Our Koreatown rug cleaning services are top-notch, with same-day appointments and environmentally friendly cleaning.

Depending on your rug, you’re gonna have different cleaning needs. In fact, your rug might be expensive and fragile. This can be a tricky combination, but fortunately, our technicians at Angel know what to do to get those stains out of your rug without causing unnecessary damage. Our rug cleaning techs are professionals, through and through.

Normal Koreatown Rug Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning rugs, there are two main methods that we make use of – steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Both of these methods work for different circumstances, and they’re both very thorough ways to get the grime out of rugs. You can pick which one will work best for you.

Most rugs can handle the more vigorous steam cleaning, but some need a gentler dry cleaning to stay clean. Several others need a more specialized cleaning than either of those, but odds are your own rug will do fine with either of these cleaning methods.

Steam Rug Cleaning In Koreatown

The process of steam cleaning uses a combination of hot water, water pressure, and some chemicals to get the filth out of your rug. It’s a very effective way to clean a rug, as it is able to get deep into the corners of the fibers and extract anything that could be lurking in there. And our Koreatown technicians are experts at it.

Steam cleaning’s strengths come from the fact that it doesn’t use very many chemicals and is able to clean more thoroughly than any other cleaning method out there. Its weaknesses lie in the fact that it has a fairly long drying time and can be rough on more fragile carpets.

Dry Rug Cleaning In Koreatown

The process of dry cleaning involves brushing in chemicals that are able to react with the grime in your carpet and clean it out by dissolving whatever you have lurking in there. The dry cleaning chemicals and dissolved soils can then be simply vacuumed up, and your rug should be good. Our Koreatown rug cleaning pros can expertly use this method to clean your rug.

Dry cleaning’s strengths come from the fact that it’s easier on fragile rugs and has much faster dry times than steam cleaning. Its weaknesses lie in the fact that it’s not as effective as steam cleaning and uses way more chemicals.

Delicate Rug Cleaning In Koreatown

There are some rugs out there that are far too fragile for either steam cleaning or dry cleaning. These need to be looked at by a rug specialist in special rug cleaning facilities.

These rugs are assessed for how best to clean them without causing damage, and various cleaning methods are carefully applied. Rest assured, your rug will be looked after and taken care of by professionals.

Angel Carpet Cleaning in Koreatown has the know-how to help you out and get your rug clean as best as possible.


What kind of rug cleaning should I get?

The best way to clean your rug depends on your particular rug. For sturdier rugs, you can get steam rug cleaning. More fragile rugs work best with dry rug cleaning. And very fragile rugs must be taken away and treated specially.

Can I steam clean my area rug?

Steam cleaning your area rug is a great idea. Make sure that you properly understand how to use a steam cleaner, or call one of our Koreatown rug cleaning technicians.

Can I get my area rug shampooed if it’s on a hardwood floor?

The shampoo shouldn’t hurt your hardwood floor if it’s over an area rug. If applied by someone inexperienced, however, it can result in overuse and a waterlogged rug that does leak onto the hardwood floor. So be sure to hire an experienced Koreatown rug cleaning service.

Can I get my wool rug steam cleaned?

Wool can usually handle steam cleaning just fine. Make sure its dyes aren’t going to run with excess moisture, though. If you have questions about the dyes your rug uses, our local rug cleaning company in Koreatown can evaluate it.

How often should I shampoo my rug?

You should shampoo your rug at least once a year, with twice a year being ideal. Request our Koreatown rug cleaning today, and we can help you out.

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