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How Much Does It Cost To Clean A Carpet? Price vs. Quality

Posted on March 29, 2022

When hiring a carpet cleaning service in Koreatown, you’ll probably want to ask: how much is carpet cleaning? However, you might eventually realize another problem: you’re trusting strangers to come into your home and use strong chemicals on your carpet. There’s a certain amount of trust given and a capacity for scams. How do you avoid getting scammed?

Basically, you can’t really go for the cheapest available carpet cleaning service. You need to guarantee quality beforehand. That usually means paying a higher price. So, where’s the cutoff point? What’s the optimal ratio of price to quality?

You need to look at all factors that go into price vs. quality:

  1. Overview of prices
  2. Quality factors to consider
  3. Best balance

Overview Of Prices

So how much is carpet cleaning?

Well, you need to consider different factors. Each of these factors changes the difficulty of the cleaning process.

First, you need to know what type of carpet you have. Berber and synthetic carpets are very simple and cheap to clean. Cut and level loop tends to be more mid-ranged. Cotton, silk, and especially wool tend to be the most expensive.

Next, the type of stain plays a significant role. Some are harder to get out than others. Any kind of body fluid or colorful drink will be harder to remove than something simple, like dirt or mud.

Tying into stain type, the method used can raise prices. Tougher stains need expensive equipment. The cheapest is bonnet cleaning, which only cleans the surface. Dry cleaning is more affordable than shampooing, which is cheaper than steam. Carbonation tends to be the most expensive.

Finally, the size and shape of the room they’ll clean is a factor. Stairs are more expensive to clean, as are larger rooms and rooms with a ton of furniture.

How much is carpet cleaning? As it turns out, it’s a conglomerate of different factors.

Quality Factors To Consider

So why can’t you just go for the cheapest possible service? Why is asking “how much is carpet cleaning” not enough?

Something that you need to think about is how difficult carpet cleaning is. A poorly trained technician can do plenty of damage to your carpet. These chemicals and machines are tricky to use.

If you don’t believe me, go to your local grocery or hardware store right now and rent some carpet cleaning equipment. Try using it yourself to clean your carpet. Put it to the test and check if you can just hire the cheapest professional you can find.

Carpet cleaning involves all kinds of specialized knowledge. And ultimately, most people don’t have that knowledge. You need to hire quality professionals first and foremost.

Best Balance

So how do you balance price and quality? How much is carpet cleaning quality worth compared to price?

The best way to do that is to have a simple vetting process when deciding which carpet cleaner to hire. You need to ensure that all of the marks of quality are there.

Look at online reviews. See what people are saying about them. Make sure their technicians are trained and of high quality. Try calling them and asking what kind of process goes into choosing their employees and whether they have experience.

If a cleaning service has no website or no online presence, run. Possibly, the company doesn’t want many people looking into them, and it likely spells trouble.

Vetting is the most vital step in hiring a cleaning service. How much is carpet cleaning going to be when you need to pay for a second cleaner to undo the damage of the first one?


Hiring a carpet cleaning service with the price and quality you need is tricky. Before committing to a cleaning service and potentially leaving your carpet ruined, you need to consider some things.

If you want to know about Angel Carpet Cleaning’s price vs. quality, contact us. Ask us some questions about our service, and see if we’re right for you. Ask things like “how much is carpet cleaning” or “what do people say about your services” or anything else you need to know.

We have quality, trained technicians ready to provide carpet cleaning services. Our work is of a much higher quality than some others out there, all available for an affordable price.

Finding the right cleaner is hard. Hopefully, you’ve found a service that works for you.

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