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Common Upholstery Cleaning Mistakes

Posted on October 4, 2022

There are many potential mistakes you might make when going about upholstery cleaning. You can not only make a stain worse but even create new stains. Sometimes, you might even permanently damage your Koreatown home’s upholstery. You must be careful and ensure you use all the correct cleaning techniques.

Follow The Directions

There should be washing codes on your upholstery’s tag that tells you how it should be cleaned. W means distilled water-based cleaners can be used, while S means you can only use water-free solvents. S/W means both can work. X means neither, and you can only brush and vacuum to clean.

Don’t Scrub

Don’t make the mistake of instinctually scrubbing a mess further in. It’s easy to think you need to rub away a stain, but that often results in making things worse. Instead of scrubbing, always blot a tricky stain away with great care and attention.

Use Powerful Tools

You may accidentally use tools that are not powerful enough to remove your stain. You might think your vacuuming and blotting is enough, only to realize the mark is still there once everything dries. You must use the right tools if you really want to take care of a particularly tough stain.

But Not Too Powerful

Of course, using an overly-powerful tool results in damaged upholstery. Ensure all of the fibers in your Koreatown home’s couches, chairs, or other upholstery can handle whatever you use. Your upholstery might tear, your dyes might run, and everything can quickly take on a frayed and damaged look.

Use Powerful Products

Much like with tools, you might accidentally tackle a stain with a cleaning product that’s not nearly strong enough. Some cleaning products are only designed to deal with mild stains and won’t affect tougher ones. After all, cleaning products are never a one-size-fits-all situation.

But Use The Right Ones

Once again, much like with tools, you can use cleaning products that are too rough on your upholstery’s surface. Always test a cleaning product in an inconspicuous area before using it. Otherwise, you can create brand new stains and even cause fiber and color damage.

Avoid Excess Water

Different materials have different capacities for handling water. Some can become waterlogged quite easily, making them difficult to dry and potentially causing mold growth. Do some research on the material you plan to clean and figure out whether or not it can handle a lot of water.

Dry Thoroughly

No matter what material you’re using, make sure it dries after you’re done cleaning. Always give your upholstery plenty of time to dry before using it again. Also, remember to check whether or not the upholstery is dryer-safe before throwing it in a dryer.

Call A Koreatown Professional

If you really want your upholstery to be cleaned, be sure to call a professional Koreatown upholstery cleaner. They know how to clean your upholstery without causing any damage. 

Upholstery cleaning is tricky, and any kind of Koreatown cleaning services can be difficult for any random person to replicate. You’re better off in the hands of professionals.

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