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5 Simple Steps For Tile & Grout Cleaning

Posted on September 6, 2022

Tile flooring lasts for many years and is one of the most reliable pieces of infrastructure in any residential or commercial setting. When maintained correctly, tile can endure lots of wear and tear, which is essential in areas like kitchens and bathrooms. These high-traffic parts of a home or office are constantly being used for cooking, bathing, cleaning dishes, washing hands, etc.

All of the aforementioned tasks require water and that’s where potential problems could occur. A common issue we see at Angel Carpet Cleaning  is mold and mildew growing in moist environments. Tile and grout cleaning in Koreatown gives your kitchens and bathrooms a fresh reset and protects your tile floors from nasty fungi. 

The professionals at Angel Carpet Cleaning  have you covered with our simple five-step process for tile and grout cleaning in Koreatown: 

1. Identify Tile Floor Areas

First, let’s start things off nice and easy. Where do you have tiles in your home or office? The faster our Koreatown tile and grout cleaning technicians can address the problematic areas, the quicker we can begin cleaning! Normally, you’ll find tile flooring in the places you’d expect: bathrooms, kitchens, break rooms, foyers, and possibly garages.

2. Assess How Tiles Look

The next step is to take a closer look and evaluate the condition of the tiles. Are they discolored? Can you see any streaks of grease or residue? Severe cases of mold and grease should be noticeable, but sometimes bacteria is hidden inside the grout. Grout is the space between tiles that keeps everything together.

Because grout has a rough texture that gives it durability and stability, contaminants can wiggle their way into the little bumps and grooves. Angel Carpet Cleaning Koreatown tile and grout cleaning technicians know exactly what to look for and can properly spot troublesome spots. If you see any concerning blemishes, contact Angel Carpet Cleaning immediately!

3. Call Professional Tile & Grout Cleaners

From the moment you call, one of Angel Carpet Cleaning’s friendly staff members will speak with you about possible options. Some people are skeptical about tile and grout cleaning in Koreatown because they think it has nothing to do with carpet cleaning. In reality, Koreatown tile and grout cleaning share a lot of similarities because of the products used.

At Angel Carpet Cleaning , we believe in only using eco-friendly products that can also be utilized for tile and grout cleaning in Koreatown. With a few adjustments, our expert technicians can transition from carpet to tile seamlessly! We understand customers want more options so we offer tile and grout cleaning in Koreatown as part of our reliable line of professional cleaning services. 

4. Schedule An Appointment

Once you realize Angel Carpet Cleaning  is the obvious choice, we work around your busy schedule to find a time to set up an appointment. We stay open for 12 hours, 7 days a week to allow everyone in Koreatown the opportunity to seek our tile and grout cleaning services. Accessibility is one of our core principles at Angel Carpet Cleaning  and we promise to always stay true to that commitment!

5. Enjoy Your Sparkling Tile

After our crew finishes up and leaves, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy it! Get used to seeing your bathroom and kitchen shine bright and make a lasting impression. Your home or office building deserves to be spotless and present freshness to the world. Angel Carpet Cleaning  is grateful to be of service and call back anytime for tile and grout cleaning in Koreatown!

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