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4 Tips To Make Your Furniture Look New Again

Posted on January 3, 2023

Tired of looking at your ratty old furniture? Well, you can make it look as if it were brand new in a few different ways. These range in price and difficulty, but they all ultimately achieve the same goal. If you want your furniture looking new again, consider the following recommendations from Angel Carpet Cleaning in Koreatown.

1. Reupholster

Getting new upholstery may be the best choice for your furniture if there is a tear. Sometimes a stain can only be removed to a certain extent with upholstery cleaning, and you may desire to do away with the soiled pattern. The feel of your upholstery could also fall into a state of uncomfortability, so it makes sense to change it.

Reupholstering furniture is going to be one of the more expensive options for making a piece look brand-new. However, it will give you more than the look of new furniture. Depending on where you fall on the whole Theseus’ paradox (how much can you change about an object before it ceases to be the same object), it might be perceived as new furniture.

2. Slip Covers

Don’t want to solve the problem? Consider covering it up with a furniture cover. A cover could be something as simple as a blanket, but the more fitted the sheet, the better it will look. Covers will not solve any issues with smells, but they can change the look of your furniture dramatically.

Covering up the issue might seem like cheating, but it shouldn’t. As long as you feel that your furniture looks new again, then it is doing its job. Take advantage of the fact that furniture can be covered rather than cleaned. This isn’t the case with almost any other surface. You can’t exactly avoid carpet cleaning by putting a sheet or another rug over the stain.

3. Professional Cleaning

We get countless comments that our cleaning services have made couches and chairs look “like-new.” Cleaning to this extent is not possible for every stain, and there are certain upholstery issues, like rips, which cannot be solved by cleaning.

The best part about calling for upholstery cleaning is that a professional technician can give you some insight into what you can expect from your cleaning. How likely is it for the stain to be fully removed? Will the color of the furniture be restored to its original luster? This can be better assessed with an in-person appointment.

4. Consistent Cleaning

If you have a bit more time and don’t need to improve the look of your furniture immediately, you can consistently clean your upholstery and make progress over time. With a bit of regular tender love and care, you can begin restoring your furniture little by little.

Vacuuming will start to improve most dusty or old furniture. But if you want to start the cleaning off with a bang, look into steam cleaning services. Steam cleaning machines use heat, moisture, and pressure that will give a good baseline to improve upon. This is not as good as deep cleaning, but consistent cleaning can sometimes add up.

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